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With over 25 years in the hospitality management business, HDG provides clients with exceptional experience based on an established reputation.

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HDG manages a broad scope of hotel destinations across the state of Florida, representing a wide variety of brands in the hospitality space.

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HDG has been recognized and acknowledged multiple times by the top institutions in the hospitality industry for our management capabilities and excellence.

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Dynamic and innovative hotel managers, HDG has a passion for seamlessly integrating brilliance in the basics and using cutting-edge technologies.

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Powerman Coming to Ocala!

(08/30/2016) On December 11th 2016, Silver Springs State Park will have the privilege of hosting this amazing competition. This event is only one of three that will qualify for Powerman International. What exactly is the Powerman Competition and what does it consist of? As stated on their website, “Powerman North America was created to give runners, cyclists, triathletes and duathletes a first class duathlon racing experience.” It is a highly intensive competition that even pushes the best of athletes! They have hosted races for over 30 years in 19 different countries. What these incredible athletes will endure: 1.      10K Multi-loop Foot Race 2.      70K Bike Ride 3.      10K Multi-loop Foot Race What is the prize for competing in this race? Well, the fastest five women and five men, as well as five from each age of 14 age groups will have the opportunity to compete in Switzerland at the annual Powerman World Championship. How incredible is that? Oh, but that’s not it, there will also be $5,000 in prize money. This event is a wonderful opportunity to get our city’s name out there. The county estimates a $436,000 economic impact as well as an additional $284,400 impact in indirect sales and/or spending as a result to the event. Powerman will also be hosting two more races that same day. They include: Sprint Powerman: 5K Run, 46K Bike Ride, 5K Run Super Sprint Powerman: 2.5 K Run, 23K Bike Ride, 2.5K Run So as you can see this is an event you won’t want to miss. Be sure to book with any of our hotels in the area! Holiday Inn Express Silver Springs-OcalaHoward Johnson Ocala Sleep Inn & Suites Ocala-Belleview 

Ending the Progression of Poverty

(05/11/2016) Our very own Azim Saju, Vice President and General Counsel for HDG Hotels was featured in an article for Home Business Magazine. He had the opportunity to share his thoughts on how we can change the cycle of poverty and how the franchise business model changed his family’s life for the good. Azim believes that the franchise business model is a way of living to your fullest potential. As you read in the article, it holds true that because of the Saju's perseverance, risk taking, hard work, and life lessons, Azim and his brother Navroz Saju, President and CEO of HDG Hotels would not be the leaders and business owners they are today. In the article Azim explains that it is the job of both the employers and the government to reduce poverty; however, there needs to be a balance of the two. If the employee has the opportunity to advance, the assistance programs must be willing to encourage the advancement instead of feeding contentment. Azim is always proactive in finding new solutions to end the battle of poverty.   If you would like to read the article or his full statement, CLICK HERE! 

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